Holy Father Pope Francis while in a series of interviews with Dominique Wolton, a 70-year-old French sociologist and expert in media and political communication, conveyed that by virtue of its very definition, marriage can only be between a man and a woman. His Holiness highlighted the significance of marriage and termed it as a true commitment that has to last till last breath and also stressed the ongoing confusions regarding same-sex gender marriage.

As reported by catholicherald.co.uk, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “When it comes to the true nature of marriage as well as gender, there is critical confusion at the moment and when it comes to same-sex couple marriage let’s call this civil union and we do not joke around with it.” Further, His Holiness added, “Teaching children that they can choose their gender also plays a part in fostering such mistakes about the truth or facts of nature.”

His Holiness also highlighted that the most minor sins are the sins of the flesh because the flesh is weak and the most dangerous sins are those of mind and confessors should spend more time asking if a person prays, reads the Gospel and seeks the Lord.