Adilabad: Malayali clergy students with ‘Carlo Voice’ magazine for spreading the true beliefs of the Catholic Church in front of the media evangelization of the famous cyber apostle Carlo Accutis. Inspired by Antonia Acutis’ mother, the mother of the wealthy Carlo Accutis, the Editor of the magazine, Adilabad diocese, Brother Ephrem Kunnappally is a first-year theology student and his cousin, Brother John Kanayakan, a second-year medical student at Kothamangalam.

Today, in the context of the media misrepresenting the Catholic Church’s beliefs, St. Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy 4 is published in English in order to convey the true beliefs of the Catholic Church to the believers. Brother John expressed his desire that this online magazine should reach Christians all over the world.

St. Paul’s words, “The time is coming when people will not be tolerant of good teaching so that they will hear what is pleasing to their ears. Thousands of ecclesiastical denominations and subdivisions have taken shape in the world because of false teaching. The true doctrine inherited by the Apostles and the Church Fathers is not to be misinterpreted as taught by the Savior Jesus. Both commented that this magazine would help Catholics to hold true beliefs and not distract from the myths of those who come up with the wrong words.

Brother Ephrem said that the life of his father, the zealous life of his father, the Diocese of Adilabad, Mar Prince Antony Panengadan, was the biggest inspiration for the event. The Latin Patriarchs of Jerusalem have commented that this magazine is the greatest divine gift of the time. Reformed Bishop Thomas Taber said Catholics should read and share this magazine. Brother Ephraim and Brother John, nicknamed “Carlo’s Brothers”, continue to run Carlo’s mission through the magazine and the Carlo voice YouTube channel. You can subscribe to the magazine at


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