Manila: Boxing legend and Filipino senator Manny Pacquiao with the urge to read the Bible and share it with others. At a ceremony held as part of National Bible Day, he described his faith journey and eloquently commented on the power of God’s Word. He added that the Bible leads us to the truth, and it is the guide of our lives. At the same time, many people, including the government, filmmakers and business people joined in this year’s National Bible Day celebration.

One hundred thousand Bibles were circulated that day. Renowned Christian preacher Ravi Zacharias was also in the Philippines to attend the ceremony. Pacquiao expressed condolences over the death of Cobb Brian, who recently died in the accident. Cobb Bryan’s death commemorated Mani, saying that life is not long and that it is necessary to establish a personal relationship with God.

Manny Pacquiao is a world-class boxer, but he is more concerned with the Christian faith and the Word of God. He thanks God for the success in his boxing rings. He also initiated the process of observing the National Bible Day on the last Monday in January.


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