The coming of the Son of God into the earth is of great importance. God wished to prepare mankind through the centuries. The Church teaches that the rites, sacrifices, images, and symbols of the “First Covenant” were centered on Christ. 
God the Father informs His Son through the successive prophets of Israel. In addition, God had awakened the hearts of the Gentiles to a dim hope of His coming. 
So Christmas is not just for Christians, but for all men.

When we have another Christmas Day in our lives, we owe it to ourselves to prepare for it and prepare believers and unbelievers around us for it. The ‘Prophet’s voice’ provides a way to accomplish this task. Thumbnails of the teachings of the Church and the Church Fathers proclaiming the great mystery of the Holy Spirit will be posted daily on the Facebook page of the Prophethood from December 1 to 25. By sharing these great secrets with us, we can prepare for the rebirth and bring to our friends all the peoples around us.


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