In an epic display of faith in God`s balm, mercy, and power to overcome all adversity, irrespective of its virulence, the bells of the Basilica of Guadalupe in the heart of Mexico City, will toll twelve times, accompanied by those ranging far and wide, from the greatest cathedrals to the most modest churches throughout the length and breadth of Latin America at high noon, calling in clarion unison, the faithful to prayer in a supreme act of faith,  demonstrating the overwhelming power of unified belief. The service will behind closed doors, but its intention is to open all hearts.

The Latin American Bishops Conference will complement and reinforce this,  with a rosary and an act of consecration, adorned with a floral wreath which will include the winter roses, that were an integral part of the original miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

A statement signed by Archbishop Miguel Cabrejos Vidarte de Trujillo of Peru, the President of the Latin American Bishops Conference, to which people facing peril reach out for,  in this time of crisis, states: “The present time demands that as pastors, we see and hear the afflictions of our peoples and generate hope, by turning our sight to our Mother in Heaven. In so doing, we will strengthen our faith, nourish our hopes and commit ourselves with solidarity and with love to those who are experiencing illness, pain, loneliness, fear, and poverty.”

The  COVID 19 pandemic is cutting down thousands of people, with its grievous infectious capacity to cross borders and even the gulf of oceans. It presents the sternest and ultimate test of global medical resources and their skillful use.  While simultaneously examining human faith to resist,  and to ultimately overcome.

This impetus of unbowed courage in the face of cruel adversity, can and will provide the resolve, which will not be found wanting, even in the darkest hour before dawn. Vatican News


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