The Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference (KCBC) Media Commission in association with the KCBC United Awareness Commission jointly organized a ‘Media Seminar’ for all the Diocesan Media Commission Secretaries, PROs, Media Heads for Religious Congregations, Media Counselors and Directors. the seminar was held on 14th September, 2019 at the Pastoral Orientation Centre (POC), Palarivattom, Cochin. The Seminar was of a ‘Learning-Interactive’ method. Two seminars were conducted by certified resource persons. Among them, Mr. Jins T Thomas (Cyber Media Law &Tech Specialist, Jr. Commander – Kerala Police Cyber dome, You tube certified Professional, Key Alliance Manager at Share Chat [Malayalam]), led the class that was based on ‘The latest Trends in Social Media’. Another session was conducted by Mr. George Pulickan. The theme of his session was ‘The Current World of Media- A Detailed Study’.

the media seminar was strategised by the KCBC Media Commission Secretary, Rev. Dr. Abraham Irimbinickal and KCBC United Awareness Commission Secretary Re. Fr. Saju Koothodiputhenpurayil CST. “Social Media is very Complex. it is great platform for  sharing of opinions and accessing information. However, it has its own threats. Therefore, a deep study of its merits and demerits are inevitable. (Sic),” said one of the addressee in the invitation letter. the KCBC in the letter, urged everyone to unite in one form to develop an era of safe social media efficiency. Around 150 associates from all Diocesan denominations and media oriented youth actively participated in the seminar. The day concluded with the Closing Address by KCBC Deputy Secretary, Rev. Dr. Varghese Vallikatt.


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