Kochi: The KCBC demanded that the Central and State Governments appoint commissions to take a comprehensive look at the economic backwardness of the Christian community, considering the decline in agriculture, the trade slowdown and the backwardness of coastal residents. It is condemned that the plans now being implemented for minority groups are absolutely arbitrary and contrary to social justice.

The allegation that the Minority Affairs Department is causing great social imbalance in the state cannot be ignored. Rulers need to be prepared and corrected to open their eyes to the fact that the weak are not only neglected, but also the most pressing.

The communique also noted that there was pain in the propaganda and anti-communal campaigns of the Catholic Church and the communal forces with large sums of money. There is a strong protest in this regard. Mar Alencherry said that the mainstream media and social media had forgotten the commitment of the community and succumbed to the pressures of vested interests.

There are concerns that the bill, which the Legislature is considering to implement college politics, will again turn colleges into riot centers. It is no good on the part of the ruling elite to try to turn the schools of art into a study of riot politics in recent times when politics is becoming increasingly violent and reactionary. While recognizing the need for political training in a democratic system, impartiality concerns about the aims of the Bill.

It is illogical to claim that in the context of the present situation in which the students are being conquered by political manipulation and illegal interference by concealing the deteriorating level of learning, the politics of student-politics is to be legitimized. The KCBC fears that the move to deprive principals of authority and managerial rights will only jeopardize the current learning environment, learning and children’s future.

Emergency measures must be taken to approve the appointments of teachers who have been working in schools for the past four years without authorization. The government should take quick steps to recruit new teachers for the courses allotted in the colleges for 2013-14 and the higher secondary schools allotted in 2014-15.

In recent years there has been growing concern that bishops and teachers and students will continue to be held on Sundays, which are traditionally used by Christians for worship and religious instruction.

Conversations in the church should be encouraged to resolve disputes between the Jacobite Orthodox Churches. The Orthodox Church’s view that problems can be resolved within the Church is seen not as negative but positive. It is acceptable that both parties can resolve the issues through negotiation. It is customary for churches to hold discussions with each other based on the Christian brotherhood.

A prayerful endeavor should be made to resolve the disputes and issues between the two parties in a positive and Christian manner. KCBC will continue to pray and strive for peaceful resolution and co-existence. Everyone wants the church to have peace, harmony, and love.

The move by the central government to remove Anglo-Indian representation in the Lok Sabha and the Assembly is condemned. The KCBC assesses this move with disdain and discrimination against minority groups. KCBC Vice President Bishop Dr. Varghese Chakkalakkal, Secretary-General Bishop Joseph Mar Thomas, KCBC Media Commission New Chairman Bishop Mar Joseph Pamplani and KCBC Deputy Secretary Rev. Fr. Dr. Varghese Vallikattu also attended the press conference.


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