The National Commission of Women’s controversial push for abolishing the practice of “confessions” in churches sparked a huge row on Friday with Kerala’s top Catholic Church body complaining to Prime Minister Narendra Modi against the “shocking” statement and wondering if there was a hidden “agenda” behind the recommendation. His Grace Soosa Pakiam, the Arch Bishop of Trivandrum Catholic Archdiocese confirmed the decision to send the memorandum to PM Modi.

As reported by ndtv, His Excellency Soosa Pakiam remarked that “PM Modi and other government leaders often spoke about their commitment to the constitution and respecting religious rights of minorities. But in practice when we see such statements, we are tempted to suspect a hidden agenda and this is what we want to bring out in open to people concerned.” The Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Conference said in a statement said, “We believe that the motive of the Commission is to spread tension and religious unrest among the minorities and to create division and polarization among people for political gains.” “We strongly protest this unbecoming move from the part of a person in a responsible position of the Government,” the letter to PM Modi said, calling the recommendation to scrap the practice of confessions “an attack on the Christian faith and spiritual practice”.

“Confession, according to the Christian faith, is a Sacrament. It is a way to spiritual progress and salvation. It is a practice inherited from the early Christian communities. The sanctity of the seal of confession was held so high in the history of the Church that there are instances of priests having sacrificed their lives to protect it”, a statement by Kerala’s top church body said.




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