Jerusalem: Israeli authorities have blocked the Shelanu Channel, part of God TV, which began as a Hebrew-language channel, alleging that it did not specify the agenda of evangelism-related missions. Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council Chairman Asher Bighton has announced that the Shelanu channel has been banned. This is the first time a Christian channel has been shut down in Israel. Beaton noted that the reason for the closure was that the channel was beginning to influence the Jewish people, even though it was reported to be Christian content.

Christian channels such as Day Star and Middle East Television are operating in Israel. But Shelano TV became the first Christian channel to begin broadcasting in Hebrew with a clear evangelistic purpose. Shelanu has a seven-year contract with God TV. Shelanu Channel spokesman Ron Cantor described the move as disappointing. He added that the channel does not state in its application or license what content is exclusively for Christians.

The Israeli media reports that such a move is rare. Earlier, Goddard’s deal with Shelanu Channel was called a historic one. In April’s announcement, the Israeli authorities said that the children of Israel should know about a foreign savior and not the Jewish people. Channel officials, meanwhile, are trying to get another license.


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