His Holiness Pope Francis and members of the Vatican Curia travelled on Sunday afternoon to the “Casa Del Divin Maestro,” a retreat centre in Ariccia, located in the Alban hills just outside Rome. For his meditation, Portuguese Fr José Tolentino Mendonça chose the phrase that the Apostle John puts on the lips of Jesus in the final chapter of the Book of Revelation.

As reported by Vatican Radio, Fr. Tolentino remarked that “Jesus comes to us in his own incompleteness, in his own emptiness. He stands before us and repeats the phrase, “Let the one who thirsts come!” Jesus offers the water of life, that is, unconditional love, even though he knows that we are still incomplete and under construction.”

Fr Tolentino concluded his remarks by reminding that Jesus invites us to dialogue with him about the most profound dimensions of existence so that we can meet that thirst present in every human person: thirst for relationship, acceptance and love.