Vatican City: Pope Francis announced Sunday, January 26, at the Global Church to study, share, and study God’s Word. The dioceses and parishes must devise and execute various plans for the active study of the Holy Scriptures on that day. After the announcement of the Pope, the Pontifical Council for the Reformation, Rhino Fisichella, told the Vatican that the vast majority of Catholics were not familiar with the Bible and wanted to emphasize the Word of God.

Fisichella pointed out that many people only listen to the Bible when it comes to the Holy Mass. “The Bible is the best-selling book in the world, but it is probably the most dust-free book since people do not take it in their hands,” Fisichella said. Pope Francis invites us to take the Bible into our own hands every day to study the Word of God so that the Bible can become our prayer, and the doctrines of the Holy Scriptures applied in our lives.

Pope Francis is to announce the observance of the Bible Sunday, January 30, in the proclamation of the Apostolic Decree of Pope Francis on September 30, the feast day of Saint Jerome, a Bible scholar. In his decree, Pope Francis wrote about the spiritual need of Bible study to establish a close relationship with the Holy Scriptures, that otherwise our hearts would freeze and our eyes would close. The sacraments and sacred text are inseparable, the pope added. The pope advised that the clergy should preach in the heart of the Lord on Sunday.


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