Budapest: Hungary’s Secretary of State, Tristan Asbj, has said that the International Human Rights Watch (HRW), a leading human rights organization, ignores the fact that the world’s most persecuted  community is Christian society. He said this on Monday via M1 TV. He was responding to HRW director Kenneth Roth’s remarks that Viktor Orban-led Hungary was dictatorial and targeted non-governmental organizations.

HRW is a New York-based human rights organization. Asabage alleged that the HRW was a group linked to Hungarian-American investor and billionaire George Soros, and that the organization was biased in its efforts to help them. He said that the organization does not say anything about Christians in the two hundred persecuted countries of the world.

Asbj pointed out that over 3,000 Christians were killed in the past year for believing in Christ alone, not doing anything for the persecuted Christians, but denying the suffering of innocent people. Hungary is the most vocal country in the world for persecuted Christians.


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