Wayanad: Sister Lucy to move appeals to higher benches against the conduct of the Franciscan Clarist congregation which ousted her for alleged luxurious discipline. She presented her appeal yet again to the Vatican demanding the congregation to accept her back in the respect of a nun. In her letter, she mentions that it’s due time that the Catholic Church turns oblivious to the changing world and that the church should walk past orthodox mindset and regulations with time. She also pointed fingers on the defamatory accusations faced by Major Archbishop Cardinal Mar George Alenchery and Bishop of Jalandhar Diocese, Bishop Franco Mullackal.
The Holy See had previously accepted the decision of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation’s decision over Sr. Lucy Kallapura. Subsequently, her first appeal to review the decision was rejected by the Vatican. Following which the second appeal was sent.
In the letter, Sr. Kalapura justifies the charges alleged against her and magnifies the issues faced by the church in Kerala. She has appealed to the Vatican to nullify the judgment of her removal from the congregation. She states that she doesn’t feel her faith has prevented her from buying a car or learning driving or drafting a poem either.
In her appeal to the Vatican, Sr. Lucy clearly mentions that she wishes to continue as a nun and if the church doesn’t allow her the same within the convent, then she should be rehabilitated nearby with proper housing facility and other necessary amenities. She also mentioned that if the Church defers from agreeing to either of the conditions, the remunerations she offered to the church throughout her life in the congregation be returned for her future consumption.


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