The Harvard professor, who was an atheist, confessed that his vision of the Father of God led him to the Catholic faith. Roy Schumann, a professor at Harvard University, told the Shalom World Channel last week that he had experienced the Catholic faith. Professor Schumann explicitly states in the interview that the Holy Virgin Mary led him to the Catholic Church. Born into a Jewish family, Schumann became an ardent atheist while he was in college and denying the existence of God.

But the emptiness of atheism drove his heart to want more. Thus, as the days went by, he was having a very special night’s sleep. Schumann felt the two hands come to him while he was asleep and take her to another room. There was a woman sitting in that room. They were so beautiful. He was later convinced that it was the Holy Virgin Mary. The Holy Virgin Mary answered many of Schumann’s questions.

The Virgin Mary answered, “O Mary, born without sin, pray for us who trust in you.” Roy Schumann, who had been an atheist until the night, rose up the next day as a Maria devotee. He wanted to be a Christian in the fullest sense. Schumann’s investigations led him to the faith of the Catholic Church. Today he is busy preaching the Catholic faith he has experienced.


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