Holy Father Pope Francis conveyed the significance of having a good attitude in the struggles of life and reminded about the hope of a Christian to what they should hold on even while going through life downcast while addressing the faithful gathered in the Vatican’s Paul VI hall for his weekly general audience. His Holiness also highlighted about the Christian hope that is based on faith in God who always creates newness in the life of man, in history and in the cosmos.

As reported by etwnnews.com, His Holiness remarked that “It is not Christian to walk with your gaze turned down, without raising your eyes to the horizon, as if our entire path expires here, in the palm of a few meters of the journey.” Further Holy Father added, “We have a God who knows how to weep, who weeps with us and He is also a Father who waits to console us because He knows our sufferings and has prepared for us a different future.”

Holy Father concluded his message by highlighting his closeness to the many who are suffering s a result of the quake and offered prayers for the death, the wounded, for their families and for the people who have lost their homes.

Source: www.ewtnnews.com