Rome: Global Christian unity will take place from January 18 to 25, with the life of St. Paul as a meditation topic. In a statement, the Pontifical Council for Christianity affirmed how Christian churches are celebrating unity this year with the practical suggestion that Christian children should be able to realize the deeds of mercy, love, and forgiveness. In most parts of the world, the liturgy is organized on Saturday, January 18, and ends on Saturday, January 25, at the Apostle Paul’s Convent.

This year’s Ecclesiastical Prayers is being jointly organized by the Pontifical Council for Ecclesiastical Affairs and the Councils of other Christian Churches in Malta and the nearby island of Gozo. This is part of the Acts of the Apostles (28: 2), in which the apostle Paul received “the most merciful reception of the Apostle Paul on the shores of Malta by the Mediterranean as he sailed from Rome to Rome.” Christian Liturgy is sometimes observed in connection with the Passover.


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