New York: Global Christian leaders with various plans to celebrate New Year’s 2020 Bible Year. Fox News reports that the ‘Year of the Bible’ (YOTB) movement initiated by Nick Hall has been backed by prominent Christian leaders such as Pope Francis, the pope of the global Catholic Church, Ravi Zakaria, an Indian-born evangelist and evangelical evangelist Francis Chan. The effort to make the 2020 Bible Year a collaboration of more than twenty thousand churches and missionaries from more than 100 countries around the world has been confirmed. The goal of the Year of the Bible is to reconcile people to God’s Word.

Nick Hall said the Bible is the most influential and misunderstood book in history, so it seeks to provide resources and opportunities for believers and unbelievers alike to interact with the Bible. Hall, founder of evangelistic organizations ‘Pulse’ and the author of Table Coalition, said the Bible encourages people to read the Bible and be inspired by it.

Evangelical evangelist Francis Chan asks if he wants to read the Bible, the most read book in the world, at least once before it dies. “Instead of discussing the weather or the sport, it’s better to have Bible discussions.” The Bible is a mirror of the soul.

Twenty thousand parishes have joined the website, which offers chronological reading. The leadership has also created a ‘Move Closer App’ featuring the proclamations of prominent Christian leaders. The ‘Year of the Bible’ event aims to bring together two hundred thousand Bible participants in June 2020 in partnership with the famous Bible Museum in Washington DC.


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