INDIANAPOLIS: Famed American exorcist Fr. Vincent Lampert. He made the lecture at the “Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center” in Washington, Indiana from January 17-19, a lecture on the need for earthquakes in modern times and the relevance of exorcism in the modern church. Fr. Fr. Says Vincent.

Earthquake is like a first aid. Emergency attendants are not needed. Fr. Lampert also wrote the book “The Devil You Don’t Know, Recognizing and Resisting Evil in Every Day Life” by Louis John Camelli. These are ‘dissection’ (deception), ‘division’ (sectarianism), ‘diversion’ (distraction), and ‘discouragement’ (discouragement).

The devil deviates from our right path with lies and deception. You make hilarious promises that you will not die and become like God. He pointed out that fear is linked to the future because it is mentioned three hundred times in the Bible to quell fear. He points out that the devil’s division is opposed to God-given healing, reconciliation, and unification. The devil’s division leads us to the addiction of drugs and pornography. He also reminded him that Satan cannot touch the Virgin Mary because he is blessed.


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