Lucknow: The Association of Franciscan Families of India (AFFI) organized a national training for priests and nuns for effective evangelization through social media at St. Fidelis College, Lucknow. As many as 72 members of AFFI along with secretaries of other religious congregation attended the December 1-4 intensive hands-on training on “Social Media and Communications,” said Capuchin Father Nithiya Sagayam, national coordinator of AFFI and organizer.

Explaining the rationale of the seminar, Father Sagayam said that the AFFI through its nationwide network of 50,000 members working in various fields through 125 provinces is involved in the socio-economic and cultural uplift of people. The secretaries, administrators, and executives of these provinces and institutions are aware of these by their network.

The Religious in India offer their might towards the nation-building through committed apostolate of education, health care and social uplift of the poor and the marginalized. But keeping up with their simplicity and unassuming character by avoiding advertisement, popularity and seeking name and fame, their activities are not known to the world at large, said the priest.

“There are thousands of Mother Teresas and Mahatmas spread around the vast country. But their committed activities are not highlighted by media while the world is immersed into social media of every sort,” said Father Sagayam.

Divine Word Missionary Father Antonyswamy, Capuchin Father Suresh Mathew, editor of Indian Currents magazine, and Father Sagayam were the resource persons. The inputs and practical sessions focused on communications in today’s context, digital world and content creations for social media, professionalism and office management.

The topics such as writing and reporting skills (news and views), social media use and abuse, public relations, networking and crisis management, techniques on designing, mobile photography and film and editing and content creation for various media platforms.

On the last day, each participant presented one’s audio-visual productions. The participants have formed a strong network with each other to communicate effectively for their provinces and their apostolate. Most of them have requested the AFFI to have such training annually in view of effective output, said Father Sagayam.


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