Jesuit Superior General, Fr Arturo Sosa, informed the Jesuits in a letter on Wednesday that the Cause for Canonization of former Jesuit Superior General, Fr Pedro Arrupe, “has been put in motion in the Vicariate of Rome, the place where he died”. He may now be referred to as “Servant of God”.

As reported by Vatican news, Fr Arrupe was an “extraordinary, passionate ‘man of God and of the Church’ ”, Fr Sosa writes. Fulfilling God’s will in everything was his one desire. Other characteristic elements of his holiness that Fr Sosa notes are: his rootedness in Jesus Christ, trust in the Holy Spirit guiding the Church, fidelity to the Holy Father, a missionary thrust, sensitivity to current social situations, and love for the poor.

Although Fr Arrupe died in 1983, Fr Sosa says that his “reputation for holiness arose naturally spontanea, has been constant, and is enduring”. The formal nihil obstat is expected to be granted on 5 February, the 28th anniversary of his death. Afterward, testimony will be obtained from 100 eyewitnesses primarily from Spain, Japan and Italy.



Source: Vatican news