Mannanam: Commemorating the 5 years of sainthood of St. Chavara Kuriakose Elias in 2014, administered by Pope Francis, the 5th Chavara Pilgrimage to children from the educational institutions of the Thiruvananthapuram Provinces of the CMI Church will begin today at Mannanam KE School. About 10,000 students from Kanyakumari to Mannanam are expected to reach the Chavara Pilgrim Centre to seek enlightenment and the gift of wisdom. Pilgrims will arrive at Mannanam KE School at 9 am and will take a walk from there to Mannanam Ashram.

St. Josephs Province’s Rev. Fr. Sebastian Chamatara CMI, Corporate Manager Rev. Fr. James Mullassery CMI, Mannanam Ashram Director Rev. Fr. Scaria Ethiret CMI, and Chavara Pilgrim Center Assistant Director Fr. Sijo Chennad CMI will lead the program.


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