Mexico City: Feminists’ widespread attack on Catholic churches across Mexico on the eve of International Women’s Day. March 9, the day after Women’s Day, was marked by rallies in protest against the attacks on women. The peaceful rallies were violent as they reached the shrine. The attack was carried out using paint and petrol bombs. The woman police say the men attacked the church in Mexico City. Because of the frequent attacks by feminists on the churches on Women’s Day, believers were also present to protect the shrines.

The Hermosillo Temple in Sonora State was the worst hit. Eighty believers were inside the shrine as they were attending the Holy Mass. Fearing the sudden rejection of the invaders, the believers set themselves up as a defense and secured the interior of the shrine with benches. But feminists have come under attack with pro-abortion slogans. The National Guards evacuated the believers inside the shrine through the side doors. The attackers broke the shingles on the temple doors.


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