Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered for his Angelus on the day of Epiphany, asked the faithful to search for Jesus like the Magi, the sages who visited Jesus and Mary and Joseph shortly after Jesus was born. His Holiness Pope Francis focused on three attitudes which characterize the Epiphany or manifestation of Jesus: careful searching, indifference, fear.

As reported by Vatican radio, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “It is the Magi, who even after their long journey, continue their careful search for the Messiah. The scribes and chief priests, who know perfectly well where Jesus has been born, are indifferent to that birth and stay within their comfort zones.” Further, His Holiness added, “Herod has the worst reaction of all: fear, he is afraid the Child will usurp his authority and pretends to want to pay Him homage only because he wants to eliminate Him. See how fear generates hypocrisy.”

His Holiness Pope Francis concluded his remarks by asking the faithful to follow Jesus Christ just like Magi and reminded them to be careful in their search, ready to go out of their way to meet Jesus in their lives.