Vatican City: Pope Francis has announced the blessings of five people, including Italian teenager Matteo Farina, who died of brain cancer in 2009, eleven years ago. Pope Italian priests Francesco Caruso (1879-1951), Camelo de Palma (1876-1961), and the Spanish priest, after his wife’s death, are in the process of meeting with Cardinal Angelo Becchu, head of the Congregation for the Vatican Nomination. Francisco Barecheguren Montague (1881-1957) and his daughter Maria de la Concepcion Barecheguren Garcia has been declared sacred in recognition of their heroic deeds.

Born in 1990 in Brindisi, Italy, Farina lived in a state of profound devotion to the likes of Saint Francis and Saint Padre Pio. He had his own trademark in the field of dance and sports and was closely associated with the Word of God. At the age of nine, he read the gospel of St. Matthew in full, as a Lenten activity. Farina used to pray daily. Farina started showing signs of her illness in 2003. He underwent six years of treatment and many scientific procedures to bless his period of illness with prayer and sacrifice. During the course of his treatment, he was deeply devoted to the tender heart of the Virgin Mother. On April 24, 2009, Farina was called to the eternal home.

In 2006, Pope Francis authorized the elevation of Carlo Accutis, the computer programmer who was called to everlasting blessings in 2006, at the age of fifteen. This is followed by the rapidity of the nomenclature of Farina, and the hierarchy of the 21st century saints who have entered the sacred position has shifted to new levels.


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