The eve of Holy Saturday was a one of great joy and enthusiasm for the youth of St. Thomas Catholic Church, Dapodi. The youth members, were in the limelight because of their stupendous performance of a short street play conducted for the non-Christians in a PCMC park and Westend Mall after the Good Friday services in the parish.

An excellent support by Fr. Jomet, the parish priest made it easy for the youth to embark with this tast and achieve their goal. The guidance and directions given by Bro. Jerine was of prime importance for the youth to make this street play, or as it is popularly known as – ‘nukkad naatak’, a great success. The play was directed fully on a different concept. It revolved around a common man (Aam Aadmi) and how he fell in the walk of his life in each of the bad situations; just as JESUS fell on the path to Calvary. The performance of the small band of 23 Christ Warriors [the youth] who spread the message of Good Friday in such a great way by their own willingness and courage, was well appreciated and accepted by the huge crowd which had gathered to witness their play.

The aim of their street play was that the message of crucifixion, the three falls and the passion which the youth had put into the concept of a common man in the difficulties of his life, hit right in the heart of the public.

“It was such a great day out there right in the public to express my and my youth’s view about our JESUS. Truly speaking it was a new experience to proclaim our faith.” Said Mr. Joseph Bosco, the Youth President.

“Very good thought by the youth, it was very much inspirational to all the people around, very much impressive… Has literally touched the lives of many Keep doing such superb, wonderful and amazing works GOD bless you all… ” said Mrs.Molly Theodore, a Parishioner.


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