Catholics of St. Michael’s Cathedral in Qingdao diocese made amends by fasting on Jan.2 as a man from the congregation desecrates the Holy Eucharist during mass on Christmas Eve.

Chinese Catholics were rattled after a man ran up to the alter during Christmas Mass and shattered the Eucharist after receiving communion. He was forthwith removed by fellow parishioners. This incident left the Catholics raging that led them undertake the fast on Monday. The cause of the incident is still vague. This is a subsequent occurrence being reported after a tabernacle was looted, and consecrated hosts were dispersed on the ground, in the village of Xiao Di Ba, in Hebei province.

Desecration of the Eucharist is a form of sacrilege and a grave mortal sin under the Catholic Church. It is presumed that Host desecration is linked to satanic rituals, predominantly Black Mass.

Source: ucanews


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