The Diocesan Youth Retreat was held at the Animation And Renewal Centre, New Panvel from 27th September to 29 September 2019. Students and working youth from across the diocese attended the DYR led by the Christ Culture Team. The evangelical team is known for their preachings and retreats all around the world. The retreat was organised by the Kalyan Eparchy youth Executives. 

The three-day retreat saw a crowd of around 300 youth of the Diocese of Kalyan. The routine consisted of prayer sessions, preaching, confession, counselling, Holy Qurbana, adoration, music ministry and anointing. In the absence of the bishop his Excellency Mar Thomas Elavanal,  the Chancellor of the Diocese, Rev. Fr. Justin Kallelyi was present to mark the end of the retreat.

On the first day, we all were being prepared for the retreat and the goal was to have an ENCOUNTER with Jesus. The second day was filled with testimonies and sessions on word of God, Holy Spirit and Sin. There was opportunity for confession and counselling as well. Adoration night was an amazing experience filled with the presence of the holy spirit where everyone cried out loud to the Lord, for his Grace. On the third day, important sessions regarding how the current world is looking like and how it’ll look like in the future and what role do we have were made understood. The retreat ended with a much-needed Anointing session. It was one of a kind experience. I’m sure all those who attended this year would surely come for DYR the next year as well,” recounted Joel Chacko, one of the attendees.


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