Warsaw: More than eighty cities in the country have declared themselves an “LGBT-free zone” amid heated debate over gay rights in Poland, a hard-core Catholic nation. The European Parliament has come out with a condemnation of the standpoint of ethical upheaval in the context of its strong anti-gay and anti-gay efforts globally.

The European Parliament passed a resolution condemning discrimination against the LGBTQ community by 463 votes against 107. Sexual rights of the LGBT community, which is considered a cultural value proposition, have been an important theme of Poland’s right-wing ‘Law and Justice’ party in national and European parliament elections. The party’s stance is strongly supported by the Catholic Church, national organizations and the national media as it is a matter of morality in society. The Polish government says that the homosexuality of Western libertarians, which is against the country’s traditions and Catholic family values, is dangerous to society.

Currently, same-sex marriage is not legal in Poland. Poland is rated by the Rainbow Organization for the Rights of Homosexuals as the second-lowest nation in Europe for gay rights. ‘Imported LGBT In April, the chairman of the Law and Justice Party stated that ideologies pose a threat to individuality and nationhood. His party won the election in October with 44 percent of the vote. Observers say that the Polish people’s perception of LGBT ideology is very clear.


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