His Excellency Archbishop Mar Joseph Perumthottam of Arch eparchy of Changanassery while addressing the ‘one-day training for teachers’ held at SB College, Kerala, conveyed the significance of responsibilities and duties that are entrusted upon teachers. Mar Perumthottam exhorted the teachers by highlighting that the duty of a teacher is to build up the new generations properly and this duty should be considered as important.

As reported by lifedayonline.com, Mar Perumthottam conveyed that schools should be a place where good values and morals are taught and enhanced. Mar Joseph Powathil, Archbishop Emeritus of Changanassery of Archdiocese of Changanassery, Mar Thomas Tharayil, Auxiliary Bishop of the Arch-Eparchy, gave their keynote speeches.




Source: www.lifedayonline.com