Vatican City: Cardinal Bras de Avis, head of the Vatican Congregation for Dedication, urged bishops, clergy and nuns to take care of their health and pray with greater zeal and faith in the worldwide coronation crisis. He wrote to dedicated monks and nuns about this.

Those who cannot help in the Holy Mass should submit their sacrifices joyfully to God. At the same time, those who can help must demonstrate their commitment and commitment to the community by following the directions laid down by government officials. It is our responsibility to pray for government officials, health workers, and volunteers who are struggling to overcome this situation. In preparation for Easter, it is common to perform more acts of kindness and prayer during Lent.

But this year we need to pray more fervently and with greater vigor. It must be remembered that the weapons we have to fight against such a pestilence in the modern age of technology are the prayers, fasting, repentance, and mercy used by our forefathers. He hoped that soon God’s infinite mercy would fall on us and that this deadly blow could be lifted out of the world.


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