On 2nd July 2017, Pope Francis conveyed the importance of keeping Jesus Christ at the center of one’s life, to the faithful gathered in St.Peter’s Square. Pope emphasized that the faithful should have an intense relationship with Jesus Christ and to place Jesus always in the number one position.

His Holiness exhorted that, one must put their relationship with Jesus above all and this will likely help the faithful to live like Jesus did. Pope Francis emphasized on the day’s reading, which was from the Gospel of Matthew, where Jesus sends his disciple to preach the word of God for the first time.Further, he added that “Jesus emphasizes two aspects of the life of a missionary disciple, the first, that his bond with Jesus is stronger than any other bond; the second, the missionary does not carry himself alone, but Jesus and through him the love of the heavenly Father.”He expressed that a Christian should not have a double heart but a simple and united heart and he should not put his feet on two shoes but should stand in a single firm decision.”Duplicity is not Christian”, Pope reminded.

Pope Francis concluded his remark by reminding the priests about their responsibilities and assured that their vocational experiences will get them through the tough phases of missionary life and by requesting Mother Mary to give new meaning to family ties and to help the faithful to love Jesus Christ above all.



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