Birmingham: The Door of Grace Youth Bible Convention, led by Abhishekagni Catholic Ministry, will be held in Birmingham Zahion on January 4. Funeral services will be conducted by Fr. The “Door of Grace” is being led by the Catholic Ministry of Abbey and Fire to enable the young people of tomorrow to open the door of God’s mercy, to guide the promised youth of tomorrow, to discern the good and evil of the present.

Registration and food will be free of charge. The Convention on the Conduct of Holiness on the Way of Holiness Fr. Shaiju will lead in the middle. Parents will also have special services. The convention starts at 12 noon and ends at 4 pm.

Prayer preparations are progressing in Zhejiang under the guidance of coordinator Jithu Devasya. The Door of Grace is a special service aimed at empowering youth in Jesus through the blessing of the Second Saturday Convention, which paved the way for major advances in the field of European neoliberalism. Spiritual Leadership to the Young People’s Bible Convention Soji Olikal and Abhishek Fire Catholic Ministry invite all young people and parents in Jesus’ name.


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