Kakkanad: With the coronavirus becoming one of the deadliest epidemics facing human society, Cardinal Mar George Alencherry has called for a complete end to human activities for spreading the fear of the virus. The rapid spread of the disease and the lack of adequate vaccines to fight the disease are factors that increase people’s fears. In a press release issued at Mount St. Thomas, the office of the Syro-Malabar Church, he urged all the faithful to work together in brotherhood and mutual care to face this dire situation.

Everyone should think about how to avoid getting infected and everyone should be careful not to get sick from others. Our society can only get rid of this epidemic if individuals, families, and work communities are vigilant in this regard. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to live by adopting preventive measures without succumbing to unnecessary fears.

The unfounded fear associated with the culture of those who have died from the coronavirus infection and the inhumane behavior that comes with it is quite painful. A civilized society cannot justify the denial of the dignity and human recognition that corona-infected individuals deserve. In such a situation of death, it is not at all desirable to resort to fearful struggles and political exploitation.

There have been some failures in conducting Christian funeral rites for Christians who have died of the coronavirus. Church ministers and believers need to be careful that such failures do not happen again. Those responsible should make the necessary arrangements in this regard. In his statement, the Major Archbishop called on all to join hands with God and his brothers in the fight against this epidemic as a collective effort of human society.


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