When we hear about the deteriorating condition of our world, it pricks our heart to the core. We all want to do our bit towards the betterment of this scenario, but what stops us is the thought of expenses that we have to bear on that behalf. Don’t we all wonder if there was a way to prevent our pockets from bleeding yet save the environment? Well, there is. A simple yet integral technique is to perform regular pressure check on our car tyres.

A presence of a minor irregular symptom in our body becomes a grave cause of concern. We rush to doctors or seek immediate help and advice from our friends and family. This is because we know how dangerous a small symptom can turn out to be. Similarly, the health of our automobile should be regularly checked, by monitoring the pressure in its tyres. A drop in the pressure meter indicates that the fuel consumption would increase accordingly. This will culminate in the utilization of extra fossils, which, if used judicially, could have been saved for the future.  Optimum tyre pressure saves fuel, thereby reducing carbon output. So how can we do that?

1.       Check out the manual to find the manufacturers recommended tyre pressure (Note – every vehicle has a different specification, and also do not consider the Max PSI which is not the optimum but the maximum pressure a tyre can take)

2.       Do a pressure check at the right time of the day. The ideal time to check your tires would be when they are cold i.e. the first thing in the morning. Also, it would result in a wrong reading if the tyres are still warm due to being driven recently.

3.       Using a reliable gauge (preferably the company recommended one) would be the most ideal

a.       Remove the Valve cap on the tyre

b.       Press the tyre gauge into the valve.

c.       Wait for the pressure reading on the screen.

4.       Inflate required tyres as needed and identical to the manufacturers recommended tyre pressure.

5.       Do not forget to check the air pressure on the spare tyre too!

Similarly, a regularly introspected mind is also believed to be the best resource of an individual. A person acts to his best when he is free and away from all kinds of bondage. It’s possible for a human to think wisely only when he is satisfied with what he has. And this can be achieved only when the person realizes the purpose of his living. To overcome the insatiable greed, one must pray and seek help from God Almighty.  With a healthy heart and a noble soul, let us promise to adopt all preventive measures to conserve our resources from depleting.

Inputs from Ancy Albert


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