Diocese of Pala with Samaritan Force for defensive operations in the event of a further outbreak of the COVID 19 epidemic. In the areas of Pala Diocese spread over Kottayam, Idukki and Ernakulam districts, COVID Volunteers intend to work with the health workers and police authorities in the Christian missionary spirit as directed by the government. Each parish adopts the norm of having two persons between the ages of thirty and 50 and two young men between the ages of 30 and 20 for every hundred households to meet the various COVID related needs of the area.

The goal of this team is to spread enough knowledge, readiness to act as directed by health workers / responsible government officials on a quarantine basis or for families in the containment Zones when they are declared. A list of volunteers, including priests, is being specially prepared to provide appropriate funeral care in the event of someone dying from COVID disease. They will have special instructions and training under the direction of the Department of Health.

For this relatively safer cause, this volunteer community aims to form at least one in each diocese throughout the diocese. Various institutions in the diocese had given up on quarantine facilities, and the authorities were willing to give up more institutions. Diocesan level activities will be led by Faith Training Center, AKCC, Family Fellowship, Pitruvedi, Pala Social Welfare Society, and SMYM-KCYM.


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