The Eparchy of Kalyan celebrated ‘Young Spouse’s Day’ on 29 September 2019. Ordinance brought about during the year of young’s process and the walking youth, it was decided that the day specially dedicated for the young couples would be celebrated every Sunday that comes after the feast of Saint Raphael, the archangel. 

Earlier a circular was released by the Eparchy of Kalyan, that the parishes across the diocese should observe the day with special prayers, and give more participative roles for the young spouses in the Holy Qurbana. It also mentioned that the parishes may felicitate those who have been married during the last one year, and possibly arrange get together for them. 


“Let this observance remind ourselves of the importance of family in the church, be an occasion of prayer for the holiness, beauty and willingness for self sacrifice of the spouses, and be time of happiness and peace in every family,” said the pastoral letter drafted by His Lordship Mar Thomas Elavanal, the Bishop of Kalyan Eparchy. Following the declaration, many parishes from across the diocese celebrated ‘Young Spouse’s Day’ diligently.


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