• Every individual event shall have its own rules, regulations, and criteria with respect to judging.
  • The participants will receive a chest no. within 3 days from the date of their registration after verifying the payment status.
  • For online contests, materials would be published individually for a stipulated time, i.e. 12 hrs, which will be informed prior.
  • For online events, only the Likes earned on the post will be counted for the judgment. Please note that the overall views on the videos and comments dropped won’t be counted.
  • The decisions of the organizers would be final. Grievances should be escalated only via emails within 24 hours of the conduction of the event.
  • By any chance, if aSocial Media handle (Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube page of the Catholic Focus) faces any technical issues during the contest, the respective event would be discarded from that particular platform, and the other two handles would be considered.JUDGING CRITERIA FOR THE ONLINE CONTEST:
  • Round 1: Top 10 would be selected on the basis of 2 criteria:
    • 5 on the qualitative contents selected by a Special Jury committee.
    • 5 on the basis of top social media likes (YouTube, Facebook & Instagram handles of Catholic Focus).

    Round 2: These top 10 performers would be then judged by the prominent people belonging to the field.

    (Note: They won’t be from our Diocese.)


    The best parish award shall be divided into 3 categories. One parish from each category shall be given the BEST PARISH AWARD.

    Categories are as follows:

    • GROUP A: Parishes with less than 100 families.
    • GROUP B: Parishes with 100 up to 200 families.
    • GROUP C: Parishes with more than 200 families.

The revised rules and regulations are provided in the Pdf Below:

PA DioF’esta Revised Rules and Regulations

FA DioF’esta Revised Rules and Regulations

LA DioF’esta Revised Rules and Regulations


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