BALTIMORE: Video footage of a Spanish clergyman apologizing for an unknown mistake has become a rage among believers. Fr. Vicar of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Walthamor, Spain. Gabriel Diaz Azarola has posted a video of himself apologizing for being infected with horseradish. The clergyman burst into tears and said that he did not know from whom he had been infected and that he was sorry for anyone who had been infected.

The coroner confirmed to him the 12th date. He apologized to his parish community when he was diagnosed with the disease and was in Quarantine. The clergyman, who was reminded not to leave the house without any reason, shared his grief over his inability to do spiritual service for the sick. The mourning clergyman’s apologetic video, though deliberate, does not cover up the fallout. This video has been watched by over nine million people.


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