Mexico City: At least 121 clergymen and 24 missionaries have died in Italy due to coronation, according to an official report. The vast majority of them are spiritual ministers who care for the sick. Aveenir newspaper, owned by the national bishop’s committee, reports on the number of clergymen who died in Italy. In the third report of the Catholic Multimedia Center (CCM) in the country, four deacons and two nuns have died of coronary illness in Latin America.

This is the first time in Mexico that the first corona case has been confirmed, from Feb. 27 to June. Six Catholic priests have died in the Archdiocese of Puebla alone. Among the casualties were three clergymen, one Permanent Deacon in the diocese of Nesahualcayotal, two clergymen and one Permanent Deacon in the diocese of Istanbul. The diocese of Tlalnepantla lost two clergymen. Two clergymen in the Archdiocese of Mexico and Guadalajara, and one in the Archdiocese of Leon, died.

Two clergymen in the diocese of Toluca, one each in the diocese of Texcoco, Atlacomulco, Askapotsalco and Ciudad Obregon, have died. Two nuns have died in the Diocese of Veracruz and the Archdiocese of Puebla. According to the report, the emergency situation is similar to that of the Mexican Catholic Church. The shrines have been closed for three months. On an average, three thousand five hundred people get sick every day in the country.


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