Qaraqosh, Iraq: The Christian school which was under the captivity of the ISIS militants has reopened amidst tension and fear. St. Joseph’s Primary School was held under captivity a few days after the school was built and functional in 2014. The ISIS militants, in due time had made the school, their military camp. While the danger ensued, the students with their families migrated to different places fearing another attack over their personal space. 

The Iraq military could retain the region of Qaraqosh from the ISIS terrorists in 2016. Within the span of two years, the school was completely destroyed. The school was restored infra structurally due to generous help from various organisations like the Open Doors. Around 130 students are bound to study at the primary school. As per the studies conducted by the organisation, ‘Open doors’ Iraq stands at number 13 out of 50 countries that fear persecution due to the practice of Christianity.


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