Beijing: International Christian charity World Vision has joined hands with the Chinese people fighting the coronavirus that claimed thousands of lives. The organization has been distributing free anti-infective equipment, facemask, thermometer, disinfectant, and soap in ten provinces of China. World Vision has already spent $ 37 million on this project. Nearly four lakh people have been helped by World Vision. The Chinese unit of the Christian NGO, which provides services to disadvantaged people and the poor, is the country’s largest aid organization.

World Vision sponsors about 55,000 children and 300 volunteers who are at risk of contracting the virus. World Vision supplied over 50,000 masks with hospital standards. In addition, with the help of local partners, the organization is also raising awareness of the need for hygiene in areas prone to infection. The organization also provides free gowns, gloves, glasses and breathing aids to community health workers in various provinces. World Vision helps charities that care for the disabled, orphaned.

World Vision’s Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs program manager Erica Van Derren said that 39,000 children sponsored by the organization live in areas that are at high risk for the virus, but none of them have ever been infected. The Chinese government released a report last Saturday claiming 1665 people died of coronavirus. This is not the first time World Vision has reached out to help. World Vision Aid was also in the offing when infectious diseases such as Zika, Ebola, and H1N1 were spreading. World Vision India had come to the aid of the floods last year.


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