New York: Families at home who are unable to participate in the sacrificial service and the church services in the wake of the coronary epidemic are taking notice. Many families turn their homes into shrines by painting Christian symbols and paintings on the chill windows and doors. Over the past few weeks, these images have become a wave among the mass media and among Christians.

Believers are trying to bring the beauty of the shrine to their homes by painting the windows of their own houses with colorful pictures. The community sees this as a beautiful and fun way to proclaim and share the faith during Easter. Most people adopt a faith-based resolution, including the cross and the Holy Spirit.

Katie Lyon, a housewife who has decorated the brick door of her house with such an adornment, is also spreading the word in the social media. There is also a tendency these days to study the symbolism of different types of litter colors and incorporate them into the design. Katie Lyon says that although it is a trend that originated during the coronation period, there is little to suggest that the event should be celebrated annually.


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