Malkangiri: A Christian boy was brutally murdered and buried in Odisha as a result of his belief in Jesus Christ. A boy named Zambaru Madkami, a class 7 student of Kendugudu village in Malkangiri district, was brutally murdered after he was absent from his father’s home for a meeting. The body was later buried at the top of the hill. Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) President Sajan K George made the announcement. Sajan George got the news of the murder on the night of June 4.

Some elderly people were called for the meeting, but some escaped unscathed. After receiving information from the survivors, the police reached the village and found Sombaru’s body at the top of the hill. The local evangelist, Pastor Bijoy, revealed that the zombie man was passionate about his faith in Jesus Christ and that he always shared the Bible with young people and children in the village.

The local Christian organization Malkangiri Christian Mancha (MDCM), with the help of the GCIC, is planning strong protests, demanding justice, and due compensation for the family of Zambaru as he has no faith in the local police. Attacks on tribal Christians with the help of villagers in Kendagudu village are continuing. Kamasodi, another Christian believer, has been brutally assaulted and murdered within a month.


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