BEIJING: Christmas celebrations have been silenced this year in communist China, which has a strict ban on religious freedom. Reports have emerged that members of the clandestine church, which is not authorized by the government, will be silently engaged in the rituals of previous years. Regulations are still underway as the Vatican-China agreement, which took effect last year, is currently in effect. There have been communities in China that have not been able to participate in the Holy Communion for many years because the government has shut down many of its temples and holy places that were operating without official permission. There are also large restrictions placed on the open church, which the Communist Party recognizes.

Rev. Fr. Don Giovanni told Asia News. Two thousand years ago, he was asking whether the Savior was born in such a situation. Fr Don Giovanni also shared the hope of full religious freedom for the church in the future. Another clergyman, Fr. Dr. Daniela also revealed it. The Christian community in China hopes to reverse the situation and celebrate the future with total freedom.


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