Hyderabad, Pakistan: A Catholic Bishop from Pakistan has revealed that the Catholic parents in Pakistan are forced to give Muslim Names to their children to evade from communal violence in school. The Bishop of the Diocese of Hyderabad, H. E. Samson Shukardin had said this in an interview with the Catholic Network group, Aids to the Church. He added that the visible discrimination in school with regards to religion, and the strong resistance to Christian students are the main reasons why parents are forced to commit the action. 

In the interview, he spoke about the atrocities Christian students have to face in general schools. He further described how the textbooks of public schools portray non-Muslims as deceitful and untrustworthy. It also tells that Islam is the only true religion and that salvation can be attained only through the Quran.

As per his statements, not only Christians, but also Hindus suffer a great chunk of violence through the hands of the majority of the population. Bishop Shukardin also said that it is very common that young Christian girls are abducted from villages and are forcefully converted to Islamism through marriage against will. Earlier this month, the Bishop of Lahore, His Excellency Sebastian Shah had given similar statements regarding atrocities faced by the Catholics in Pakistan.  


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