Singapore: Catholic Nun from Singapore has made a place for herself in BBC’s annual list of 100 Most Influential Women of the world. Sr. Gerald Fernandes is also the first woman from Singapore to fix a spot on the list. BBC emphasized her in their report as ‘the one who supported the 18 people awaiting death’ and ‘the one who helps those with wretched hearts’. The 81-year-old has served as councilor in the jail for offenders punished with capital sentence, for more than 40 years. Sr. Fernandes has helped console the 18 offenders subjected to a death sentence. It is reported that with her aid the offenders could embrace death with peace and repentance.
When one of her students was judged for capital punishment, Sr. Fernandes, with three permission from Prison Director Kvekshi Lein, visited her every week until her death and councils her for half an hour. She was one of the pioneers in forming the Prison Ministry along with few Redemption priests. Earlier, BBC News Editor Hither Chen had nominated her name to the list.
Sr. Fernandez mentions that she never expected to receive such an honor at the age of 81. A short film titled ‘Sister’ was also made with her life story as the premise.


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