BAGHDAD: The renovation of the Al-Tahirah Immaculate Conception Catholic Cathedral, located in Qarakosh, Iraq, is likely to take place next year. From 1932-1948, the cathedral shrine was built at Quarakosh, twenty miles from Mosul, using the money paid by the peasant believers after their harvest every year. But with the advent of Islamic State, the mosque was converted into a weapons training center after the militants arrived here. After the liberation of the shrine from the Islamic State in 2016, the Holy Qur’an has resumed here.

But there were negatives. The most recent Catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need, has promised to rebuild the interior of the burning church. The organization is also progressing the renovation of 6936 houses in the area. The parish priest, Fr. Fr. Aid to the Church in Need, along with voluntary organizations such as The Salt Foundation and Samaritan’s Purse, is in the process. Georges Jehola said.

Hungary also provides assistance for the rehabilitation of Christians. Fr Khorakhosh is the biggest symbol of the Christian faith in Iraq and therefore the city should be protected. Georges added. Iraq, which has had a reputation of being a “cradle of the Christian faith” since the Islamic State first took hold, is experiencing a drastic decline in the Christian population.


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