Miao, Arunachal Pradesh: The Diocese of Miao has initiated the process of canonization of the French Missionaries, who were killed in the villages of Miao, Arunachal Pradesh. Missionary Priests Rev. Fr. Nicholas Michael Crick (34) and Rev. Fr. Augustine Etienne Bauri (28) were missionaries who worked in the villages of AP and were killed around 165 years back. A special commission has been set up by the Diocese of Miao to speed up the process. The two dedicated missionary activists were killed by the head of Mishmi tribe, while on their way to Tibet. As per reports, the Tibetan ruler had established great bonds with the missionaries. Fearing this bond would influence the ruler to become a christian, worried the tribal chief; resulting in the murder. 

According to sources, the mortal remains of the priests are still preserved in the village of Miao. Earlier in June 2017, the Vatican had raised the two missionaries as ‘Servants of God’. Following the declaration, the Diocese had initiated the research commission that deals with collective biographical proofs and records of miracles that would aid to the process.

The commission and the process is headed by the Bishop of Miao Diocese, His Excellency Bishop George Palliparambil, who is of Kerala origin.


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