Neyyattinkara: The Biblia 2019 meetup was organized by the Word Teaching Commission of the Eucharistic Service in the Latin diocese of Neyyattinkara. The meeting was held at the Logos Pastoral Center, inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Lawrence Kulas, Director, Evangelical Care Service of the Latin Diocese of Thiruvananthapuram. The 928 dioceses participated in a Bible Copying Competition aimed at helping believers to put the Word of God in prayer.

Dr. Sindhu, a member of the Payad parish, was awarded the first prize. The first prize is a certificate and a cash prize of Rs 15,000.

Bindu from the Puthenkada parish Second place, Mini B. from Neduwanvil parish. She also finished third. In addition, the ten selected persons were also presented with certificates and cash awards. Fr Joy Sabu, the Diocese’s assistant director, presided over the Biblia 2019 Sangama conference, which was attended by over 1,000 contestants. Diocesan Ministry Coordinator Mon.V.P.Jos.


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