Beirut, Lebanon: The Archbishop of Maronite Church in Beirut declared that no child would be dropped out of school due to lack of payability of fees. Due to acute Financial distress, families in the country aren’t able to afford the school fees in the countryside schools. Therefore, many students have had to drop out of school. His Lordship Bishop Baolose Abdel Sader, who was ordained the Bishop of Beirut last June, has come out with a new method to keep the education sphere go on for students who can’t find funds to further their studies.

In a recent event, the Bishop assured that he himself would assure that no students of the school would be denied admission. He also commented that the Archdiocese is responsible to gather funding for the loss that has to be recovered. The necessary action would be executed in all the schools that work under the Archdiocese.

To get the necessary funding, the Archbishop has decided to use his simple and old car, while the new and other multiple cars would be sold to raise amount. The Archdiocese of Beirut, has unanimously decided to extract as much money as possible for the proper functioning of the school and better future of the children.



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